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Hip Pain Can Have Many Causes

Although your hip is built to take a lot of wear-and-tear, it’s a very complex joint. Athletes and other active people put a lot of stress on the joint and pain in the hip or groin region can result. Gradual damage is also common as we age and pain in this area can be severe. Because this pain can come from many sources and can be felt in many parts of the hip region, it’s important to understand the underlying conditions that can cause it.

As Dr. Bharam has noted, hip injuries are often misdiagnosed. He notes that one study saying that patients are typically seen by more than three different health professionals before a torn labrum is correctly diagnosed. Aside from the frustration of an incorrect diagnosis, additional damage can occur in the meantime. That’s why it’s important to start with the level of expertise found at the Hip & Groin Preservation Center.

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Dr. Srino Bharam

Dr. Srino Bharam
Board Certified orthopaedic surgeon, specializing in hip arthroscopy and hip preservation surgery.

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