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Chondral Lesions

Chondral lesions of the hip are a specific type of damage to the hip articular cartilage which can include small fractures of the cartilage and bone layers, blistering of the cartilage, and cyst like lesions of the bone, under the cartilage.

The body has a specific type of cartilage in joints like the hip and knee. This smooth, firm material is called articular cartilage which allows for smooth movement and proper joint function. In the hip, it works with the labrum to act as a shock absorber, keeping the ball-and-socket-shaped hip bones from impacting each other.

Problems in the articular cartilage are called chondral damage. One specific type of damage is called chondral lesions, which can include:

  • Fracture of the cartilage and bone layers
  • Blistering of the cartilage layers
  • Cyst-like lesions within the bone underlying the cartilage

Treatment for Hip Chondral Lesions

Anti-inflammatory medications or physical therapy can make a difference in these cases. For some types of chondral damage, surgery may not be needed.

If pain and discomfort still persist after conservative measures, hip arthroscopy may be needed to repair the chondral lesions.

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