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Adductor Tendinopathy

The adductor muscles and tendons are so important to proper groin functioning that damage in this region can hamper many types of body movement. Dr. Bharam sees adductor tendinitis and tendinopathy patients very frequently. He is considered a pioneer in the treatment of adductor injuries and continues to develop new and effective treatments.

Adductor damage can range from slightly pulled muscles to a complete tear or rupture of the muscle or tendon. Patients often complain of stiffness and decreased range of motion in the hip joint, and discomfort can extend to the knee. Among the most common groin problems in athletes, adductor injuries can even cause pain when at rest.

It’s essential to get treatment for even a minor adductor injury because they tend to worsen over time. In cases of severe adductor injury, people often can’t walk without help. Severe damage often requires surgery.

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