Clinical Professor and
Director of Hip Arthroscopy

Rehabilitation and Other Non-Surgical Treatments

While surgery is a valuable tool for many hip and groin conditions, it’s rarely Dr. Bharam’s first option. Instead, he takes a conservative, careful approach before recommending surgery. He often collaborates with an extended professional healthcare team that includes internationally recognized experts. This multidisciplinary team explores each case in detail to ensure the patient receives the best possible treatment.

Whenever appropriate to aid healing, Dr. Bharam recommends starting with a period of rest or, in some cases, activity that doesn’t involve the affected area. If sufficient healing isn’t achieved with that strategy, Dr. Bharam will progress his patients through a number of other non-surgical options.


Non-Surgical Hip and Groin Treatments

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Dr. Srino Bharam

Dr. Srino Bharam
Board Certified orthopaedic surgeon, specializing in hip arthroscopy and hip preservation surgery.

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