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    Congratulations Dr. Kay on the regional director position; That's major! It's been nearly a decade since you've helped me get back on my feet, literally. (S/p labral tissue repair done by Dr. Srino Bharam). I can't thank you guys enough.

    Dr. Bharam you've been my one and only surgeon. and Dr. Kay you've been my one and only physical therapist and that's a great thing.

    I've been consistent with maintaining the exercises you've equipped me with years later. I have no issues and am still doing great. I'm actually completing my doctorates in anesthesia practice; two more years of clinicals left.

    Thank you both so much!

    Very Truly Yours,
    Roselyn Sylvain BSN, RN, CCRN
    SRNA, Old Dominion University
    Mobile 646.436.6781

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