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    Comments: I saw Dr. Bharam at his new location on the UES. His staff were helpful, personable enough, and relatively knowledgeable. The space is a bit confusing, since various practices share the one space. But they were pretty efficient, saw me on time, and have a clean space. What really stuck out is that Dr. Bharam is a quality physician and instructor. He perfectly struck the balance of attending to my examination, while communicating to his assistant in a clear way, which was purposefully intended to teach, though I never once felt ignored, or a subject. Fortunately, his brother-in-law (Dr. Jason Gallina) specializes in spinal orthopedics, and his wife (Dr. Jessica Gallina) in podiatry. This combination has been perfect for the issues I'm working to resolve, especially since Dr. Bharam shares a chart system with Dr. Jason Gallina, and they all use East River Imaging, giving easy access for X-rays and MRIs.

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