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Dr Bharam and James Gist

American professional basketball player James Gist poses with Dr. Srino Bharam on the court. James shares his love for being blessed to come back to the sport of basketball. James tells his fans, "Truly blessed to be back playing the game that I love the most. After...

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Hip Labral Tear NYC

Typical injury pattern that we see in the hip are labral tears. These are cartridge injuries into the hip joint. These typically result from a mechanical process that leads from a condition called impingement. Other injuries that we see around the hip joint are...

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Understanding Hip Pain and Injuries

Hip cartilage repairs are typically referred as labral tears. The labral of the bumper cartilage of the hip joint, that becomes a pain generator, and it serves as a stability structure to the hip joint. When these tears occur, these can lead to disabling hip pain....

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Athletic Pubalgia

Athletic pubalgia typically occurs in the sports population. These are typically associated with repetitive groin injuries leading to disabling groin pain for the athlete. These conditions usually occur from muscle imbalance or injuries to the core muscles of the...

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Gluteus Medius Tendon Repair

Gluteus medius tendon repairs are muscle tendon injuries that occur on the side of the hip joint. This can be from a repetitive injury or traumatic injury. This can affect the patient's gait and walking patterns, and also give disabling hip pain. The purpose for...

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Approximal Hamstring Repair

Approximal Hamstring Repair is when you have a condition where the tendon has torn off the bone, called an evulsion, and this can lead to disabling hip pain. So the purpose of the repair is actually reattachment of the tendon to the bone.

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Dr. Srino Bharam
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