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Complimentary Imaging Review

We are currently offering to review your X-rays and/or MRI scans free of charge to determine if an office visit would be appropriate to discuss any of the following: hip impingement, hip arthroscopy, labral repair, hip resurfacing or total hip arthroplasty.

X-Ray Review Process

Please print and return the form below with your X-rays and/or MRI to Dr. Srino Bharam MD, P.C. Kindly allow 5-7 business days from the time Dr. Bharam and his staff receive your information before you are contacted regarding the images. This initial evaluation does not take the place of an office visit and physical examination.

Hip MRI & X-ray Review Form

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Dr. Srino Bharam

Dr. Srino Bharam
Board Certified orthopaedic surgeon, specializing in hip arthroscopy and hip preservation surgery.

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Imaging Review

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