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The Evolution of Hip Arthroscopy: Advancements in Surgical Techniques
The Evolution of Hip Arthroscopy: Advancements in Surgical Techniques

The Evolution of Hip Arthroscopy: Advancements in Surgical Techniques

A lot has changed since the inception of hip arthroscopy in the 1970s. Initially, hip arthroscopy was used by surgeons to acquire better visualization and was solely used for diagnostic purposes. Fast forward 50 years and hip arthroscopy is widely used by surgeons worldwide to diagnose and repair damage.

Hip arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgery technique that delivers many benefits. Patients usually experience a shorter hospital stay, less trauma, fewer complications, and faster recovery. Due to the immense stress that athletes put on the hip joint, hip injuries are quite common. Since the introduction and improvement of hip arthroscopy, athletes can undergo minimally invasive, less traumatic hip surgery to repair damage and get back to the game sooner than ever before.

Surgical techniques have improved over the years for a few reasons:

  • Technology:
    Technology is one aspect that has improved arthroscopic procedures. High-definition imaging equipment gives the surgeon a clear, magnified image of the area involved. This enables the surgeon to perform procedures with greater precision and accuracy. High-quality imaging has provided surgeons with better knowledge of the overall pathology.
  • Technique:
    Advancements in surgical techniques have led to an overall improvement in hip arthroscopy. Updated instruments continue to provide surgeons with the ability to use more modern techniques, especially in more complicated cases.
  • Experience:
    Experienced surgeons have the advantage of seeing the various outcomes of specific techniques, thus leading them to the most advanced methods. Trial and error have played a major role in the current success of hip arthroscopy. Throughout the years, surgeons have developed better ways to perform surgeries through their personal experience and that of colleagues as well.

Of all the arthroscopic procedures available, hip arthroscopy is one of the most complex. The orthopedic surgeon must use meticulous surgical techniques to yield favorable results.

Dr. Srino Bharam is a pioneer of the hip arthroscopy procedure and has developed advanced surgical techniques while conducting numerous research studies. Dr. Bharam also teaches his skills to colleagues around the globe with over 30 years of experience. Dr. Bharam is dedicated to helping athletes get back to the sports they love.

AUTHOR: Srino Bharam MD, MBA is a board-certified, fellowship-trained sports medicine orthopedic surgeon and professor of orthopedic surgery specializing in the treatment of athletic injuries of the hip and groin. Dr. Bharam has over 30 years of experience in treating injuries and conditions of the hip to restore athletes and patients to an active lifestyle.

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