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Hip Labral Tear NYC
Hip Labral Tear NYC

Typical injury pattern that we see in the hip are labral tears. These are cartridge injuries into the hip joint. These typically result from a mechanical process that leads from a condition called impingement. Other injuries that we see around the hip joint are muscle-tendon injuries, to the hamstring injuries, and groin related injuries, conditions called sports hernia where there is a muscle imbalance that occurs and the athlete experiences pain during, and, or after or the activity.

We see a spectrum of injuries to the hip. These could be traumatic related injuries to the hip or groin or repetitive injury from their activity that leads to disabling hip or groin pain. Traumatic injuries to the hip can be related to a car accident to a sport related injury.

Some of these injuries can be treated conservatively and then others can be treated with a surgical option. Patients can also be seen with chronic hip pain. These can result from an overuse injury from their activity or sport. Over my years of experience with patients with hip disorders, I’ve also learned that collaboration with other specialists can also really assist our patients. Here at the center, we have accessibility to other specialists that we continue to collaborate with.

The unique part of my practice is being here in Manhattan. This allows us to focus on patients with just hip disorders. The concept of hip preservation is really understanding about the hip joint itself and how it impacts your daily activity. Our goal is to preserve that hip joint and give it longevity.

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