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Finding the Best Hip Surgeon in New York City
Finding the Best Hip Surgeon in New York City

Hip surgery is not uncommon, and in fact, it is reported that over two-and-a-half million people are living with a hip replacement in the U.S. The question is: how do you find the best hip surgeon for your procedure?

Start Your Search

Hip Surgeon in New York City

You may be wondering how to begin your search for a hip surgeon in New York City; start online. Visit and review online feedback, reviews, and websites to find a surgeon that has proven patient satisfaction in the region. Also, you can visit your state board’s medical database to reveal if your surgeon is or has faced any grievances, complaints, or legal issues during practice.

Consider Others’ Experiences

Don’t underestimate the merits of word-of-mouth when it comes to finding the right surgeon. Ask friends, neighbors, and coworkers for recommendations and details related to their experiences. This can often help narrow-down potential providers and tease-out a surgeon that is perfect for you.

Check Their Credentials

Make sure to review your surgeon’s resume and bio, typically posted on a medical practice website. See who this provider is affiliated with, as this may increase the resources available to you throughout your procedure; for instance, it is not uncommon for a surgeon to have an affiliation with a nearby hospital, clinic or other practitioners which may be involved or integral to your own care and recovery.

Arrange an Initial Consult

Before committing to a procedure, or hip surgery, make sure to schedule an initial consult. This creates an opportunity to meet with the provider and to determine if it is a good fit for you, the patient. Consults also offer the chance to establish a rapport with the surgeon and to ask any questions that may make the choice a bit easier. If you are not satisfied with your initial consult or the hip surgeon that you have met with, don’t dismay; ask for a referral to another practitioner for a second opinion before you commit to go under-the-knife.

Ask for a Referral

Another approach to finding the best surgeon for your upcoming procedure is to ask a trusted provider, PCP or family doctor for a referral. This may also divulge any affiliations that your physician has with surgeons in the area, which provides a comforting continuum of care for prospective patients. Furthermore, your medical professional should have insight into your specific condition, surgical procedure, and needs that make their choice an informed one.

Visit Dr. Bharam in NYC

If you are looking for the best hip and groin surgical specialist in NYC, take time to learn more about Dr. Srino Bharam. Dr. Bharam has been awarded the Harvard Partners in Excellence Award for Orthopedic Trauma Service and has been internationally recognized for his work in orthopedic surgery. He is also certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery, specializing in sports medicine. He has achieved master-level credentials in the treatment of hip, shoulder and knee trauma. Don’t trust your health and well-being of any provider that does not have the surgical expertise, credentials, and experience to ensure positive outcomes and a favorable prognosis.

Before meeting with your prospective hip surgeon, do some due diligence. Check out the surgeon’s biography and credentials, and ask trusted family and friends for their personal recommendations. Call to schedule an initial consult with Dr. Bharam today, and know that you have one of the best hip, pelvis, and groin surgical specialists aiding you in your recovery!

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