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Director of Hip Arthroscopy

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Srino Bharam, MD


You are only as healthy as your hips. Hip pain and instability from tears and injuries can lead to many debilitating conditions.


The groin is the junction of the upper and lower body and is vital to almost everything we do to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.


The Hip Preservation and Groin Center treat each patient individually because we are all unique with our needs and condition.


Dr. Srino Bharam leads the Hip Preservation and Groin Center pioneering minimally invasive techniques in the preservation field.

Hip and Groin Specialist

Dr. Bharam founded the Hip Preservation & Groin Center because the hip and groin are among the most important parts of the body.

  • Every step you take depends on the hip and groin working together
  • Groin muscles work harder than any other muscles in the thigh
  • Weak, overused or injured hip and groin muscles lead to many movement and postural problems
  • Problems in the hip and groin region often cause chronic injury and pain

At the Hip Preservation & Groin Center, we use the most advanced techniques and technologies. Dr. Bharam has cultivated a remarkably effective, collaborative team that focuses on YOU, our patient. We support you in every way we can.

Dr. Srino Bharam is a nationally recognized leader in hip and groin care. He is continually seeking new, scientifically sound approaches to treating this complex and vital region of the body. For information on Dr. Bharam’s latest innovations, click here.

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Source: Google | Jan 24, 2019

Doctor Bahram is amazing. After five years of pain on my hip and many doctors telling me that I had bursitis, Dr. Bahram was the first Doctor to tell me that I had a labral tear. He was able to confidently diagnose and prescribe the proper surgery. I am on my way to recovery and very pleased to work with him as my doctor. His staff is very friendly and helpful.

Welcome to Hip Preservation and Groin Center

Dr. Bharam has spent his life dedicated to helping people maintain hip and groin health. His standing as one of the world’s leading surgeons in his specialty demonstrates his total commitment to his patient’s well-being.

Dr. Bharam focuses on the hip and groin because that part of the body is the foundation of a fully functioning and healthy body core. And a healthy core is essential for virtually all of our everyday activities, from a walk down the street, to housework, to the most strenuous workout.

As Dr. Bharam says, “Your core is the center of your body, and the hip and groin are central to your core health.”

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Get to Know Dr. Bharam

Srino Bharam, M.D. is dedicated to hip and groin preservation and your orthopaedic well-being. He wants everyone to be as active and healthy as they can be – and he knows the hip and groin are central to a healthy, active life.

Dr. Bharam is an internationally recognized orthopaedic specialist. He is board certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery, with subspecialty certification in sports medicine. He has achieved master-level experience in treating the hip, shoulder and knee.

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