Hip Instability

Dr Srino Bharam checking for hip instability

Causes of Hip Instability

Hip Instability can be caused by many factors. There are two main types of unstable hip conditions are:

  • Traumatic instability. This can result from a motor vehicle accident or very strenuous athletic activities. It’s often caused by damage to the top of the thigh bone or injury to the labrum or cartilage. It can also be caused by the formation of loose bodies.
  • Chronic instability. This can be caused by genetic or developmental problems, as well as by overuse of the hip joint.

Instability in the hip, or capsular laxity, is an encompassing term used to describe general looseness or weakness of the hip joint.

Hip Instability Treatment

For most patients suffering from an unstable hip, a conservative approach is taken, usually starting with physical therapy. However, if a more conservative approach doesn’t produce a more stable hip, a corrective procedure can be performed to improve capsular laxity by tightening the hip capsule and the ligaments surrounding the hip using arthroscopic surgery.

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